Custom work is a process! I want to make sure it matches your vision, hopes and dreams.

Information I'll need from you: What is the design/illustration for? Do you have any inspiration for it? Is there specific wording you would like to use? When is the deadline?

Please expect me to take 4-6 weeks to complete a project*.

There are 3 complementary proofing rounds*, if there are more, each additional round will cost you more depending on the changes and how long it takes. I wanna make it perfect for you as quick as possible!!!!

Please contact me at for a quote or if you have any questions. 

*Does not include Branding. See below for information about branding/logo design.



Wedding Invites

You are purchasing the printable files. The cost includes files that you can print at home as well as files you can send to a professional press. If you'd like me to handle the printing process, it will be an additional $50 (includes 1 round of test prints, possible edits, pick up and shipping to you, does not cover cost of actual printing and shipping).

Invite price ranges depending on the amount of time spent. Simple illustrated invite with 2 inserts (such as FIREHOUSE, BOHEMIAN, ROCKY MOUNTAIN) will be between $170-$270. A more complicated illustrated invite with 2 inserts (DAY OF THE DEAD or MEXICAN CUT OUT) will range between $300-$400.

Additional Costs:

Additional insert $20

Illustrated Map $40


Announcements/Postcards/Other Invites

Purchasing Printable Files! Depending on detail, size, and time it will range between $120-$250



If you're in Portland, we can meet in person and talk about any logo or image you need for you business. If you're outside of Portland, we will email and maybe do a few phone calls. After discussing ideas and vision, I will sketch up several different concepts and send them to you. Those ideas will then be modified and narrowed down to ones that you would like to see digitized. Some projects go quick, some take a few months. Just depends on how many things you need designed and how many proofing rounds we have. :)

Charge $45 an hour.